Enhearten connects behavioral health stakeholders in a way that makes it easy for them to help each other be successful.

We work with individuals and organizations throughout the healthcare ecosystem.

State and local governments
Use our best-in-class suite of tools to save constituents’ lives and help communities heal. We know behavioral health budgets can be limited, so we offer some tools for free.
Healthcare providers
See fewer readmissions from overdoses and complications from addiction, and collect outcome data on patients to improve their overall care in the future.
Addiction treatment providers
Improve patient outcomes, recruit more patients, increase patient retention, and save staff time. We designed our clinical software to meet your top priorities.
Help your members stay connected with each other and stay on track in recovery.
Criminal justice systems
Reduce recidivism. You can increase success rates in drug court programs and also use Enhearten to help people before, during, and after their reentry treatment program.
Sharpen your focus on your core mission and see greater rates of success among the people you serve by using Enhearten to support their SUD recovery.

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