Recovery doesn't have to be so overwhelming

We built Enhearten to lighten your load during all the ups and downs of recovery. It's completely free and always will be.
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With you at every stage

Before treatment

You can download and use the Enhearten recovery app at any time, just like any other non-healthcare app. If you have no interest in treatment, that's ok. You can use the app to learn more about addiction and the treatments that are available, hear from other people about their experiences with addiction, and explore social support services unrelated to recovery. If you are interested in treatment, you can search for clinics close to you and decide which one is best for you.

During treatment

If you start treatment at a facility that uses the Enhearten clinical software, you can connect your account to them to activate extra features. These features help you stay more connected with your care team and make it easier for them to provide you better care. If your facility doesn't use Enhearten, you can still use the app to make treatment easier, with medication and appointment reminders, goal setting, a private calendar, and more.

After treatment

You can continue using the app just like you have been, with access to all the same resources (you and your care team will discuss if you'll keep your account connected to your treatment provider). If you join another program, such as a lower level of care or a recovery residence, you can connect your same account to them.

Features include...

A supportive peer community so that you’re never alone
A sober counter to show you how far you’ve come
Goal setting for always knowing what your next steps are
Educational content for growing your skills and better understanding addiction
And much more!