The best recovery facilities use Enhearten

Provide the support that makes the difference between someone staying in treatment and someone leaving.
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More healing, less hassle

For patients

People use our free, publicly-available patient app to find Enhearten clinics, making it easy for recovery facilities to recruit more clients. Then it supports them throughout their recovery with a comprehensive set of research-backed tools.

For clinicians

Send HIPAA-compliant messages, send appointment reminders, send medication reminders, send treatment plans...send the support patients need. Build stronger bonds with patients with tools that also provide additional reimbursement opportunities.

For administrators

Easily recruit CAC interns, automate tedious tasks to reduce everyone's workload, and fill gaps in appointments. Enhearten does all this, working with your existing software.

Features include...

HIPAA-compliant messaging between patients and their care team
Remote patient montoring
Collaborative treatment plans that show up in the patient's app
Appointment reminders
And more

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